Blockchain for a Good Cause


Through Blockchain technology, Pay it Forward (PIF) Token is an anonymous, secure and fast, peer-to-peer digital asset that can be sent globally and is utilized as a donation, tipping, and reward based system that benefits institutions and service providers for implementing excellent work and good deeds within the community.



Our ultimate goal is to implement and integrate the PIF Token platform into charity institutions and serviced based organizations to accept and utilize our donation, tipping, and reward system on a local level and eventually scaling into more regions.

The objective is tokenize these industries via Blockchain technology thus increasing transparency, efficiency, convenience, and aid in lowering costs. Building a strong community of investors who desire to promote philanthropy is also an essential part of our mission.



  • Ethereum platform

  • Ticker: PIF

  • 950 million issued tokens

  • POS consensus algorithm

  • Near-zero transaction fee

  • 20 seconds or less block time

  • Decentralized reputation system

Use Case & Prospective Partners


Today, the non-profit industry is worth a few trillion globally. With such a staggering amount how can we be confident the traditional methods of contributing can be trusted? It is known that there has been multiple cases involving corruption or misuse of funds.

The PIF Token platform not only increases efficiency and reduces overall costs compared to traditional methods but also is convenient and allows transactions to be traceable on the Blockchain open public ledger.

PIF Token is working diligently in acquiring and establishing new business relationships with some of the largest and most reputable charities on a local level then eventually scaling into other regions. We will be allocating a generous amount of tokens reserved for charities over the course of this project.